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Our Story

Founded by Cees Hopstaken, Threebees Guesthouse reflects his vision of sharing South Africa's allure with the world. Cees, originally from Belgium, discovered his love for this vibrant country and set out on a mission to showcase its beauty. His dedication to providing travelers with an immersive and memorable stay led to the creation of Threebees, where comfort and adventure intertwine seamlessly.

Your Host

Cees Hopstaken made a life-changing move to South Africa from Belgium in 2006, driven by his aspiration to embrace the African experience. Fascinated by the allure of Pretoria – its favorable climate and natural beauty – Cees envisioned a way to introduce the richness of South Africa to global travelers. With two decades of successful business expertise in steel construction in Belgium and the Netherlands, beginning at the age of 17 alongside his father, fate steered a new course for Cees following a tragic car accident that led him to manage the business independently at 19.

Drawn by the allure of a fresh challenge, Cees sought a new beginning, initially considering establishing a business akin to his prior endeavors. However, upon arriving in South Africa, the country's remarkable beauty ignited a new purpose within him. Determined to share this magnificence with the world, he founded Guesthouse Threebees. Today, Cees has made South Africa his cherished home and transformed this remarkable guesthouse into a refined haven for travelers seeking comfort and genuine exploration.

With an extensive understanding of the country's nuances, cultures, and captivating attractions, Cees stands as an invaluable resource for all travelers. His profound insights guide guests to discover the most breathtaking destinations, arrange bespoke day excursions, or even lead them on safari adventures. Upon your return to Guesthouse Threebees, Cees eagerly awaits, ready to treat you to the delightful flavors of Africa with his masterful preparations at the traditional "Braai."

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A Home Away from Home

We believe in crafting moments that linger long after your departure. Our welcoming ambiance and personalized service set the stage for a comfortable and enriching stay. With a range of thoughtfully designed rooms and suites, each boasting its unique charm, we cater to diverse preferences, ensuring every guest finds their perfect retreat.

Our Promise

We promise more than just a place to stay; we promise an unforgettable journey. From personalized tours and adventures to a warm African braai upon your return, our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction remains unwavering.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our proud 3-star rating from the esteemed Tourism Grading Council of South Africa signifies our unwavering dedication to quality and guest satisfaction. Upholding high standards in accommodation, amenities, and service, we strive to exceed expectations and create a memorable experience for every guest that walks through our doors.