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   Your Host - Cees Hopstaken

  Cees Hopstaken relocated to South Africa
   from Belgium during 2006 to pursue his
   dream of living and exploring Africa. Settling
   in Pretoria due to its favourable climate and
   beauty, Cees started Guesthouse Threebees with
   an eye to introducing foreigners to South Africa's    treasures.

   Having worked in Belgium and the
   Netherlands for 20 years, since the tender
   age of 17, in establishing a successful steel
   construction business - that he had started
   with his father.

   Due to a car accident, Cees lost his father and    had to run the business alone when he was 19.
   Cees felt that he had enough from the    Netherlands and Belgium  and  it was time for
   a new challenge, in the first place Cees wanted to   establish another  same kind of business but once in South Africa he    thought he had to do something with the beauty of this country and had to show it to the Europeans and the rest of the

   Cees has made South Africa his home and turned this beautiful guesthouse into a comfortable travel base for his guests.    He has extensive knowledge of the country, culture and available attractions to appeal to all  travellers. Cees can advise    you competently on where to find the most beautiful spots, arrange for day (or  longer) excursions or even organize and    accompany you on a safari.

   And when you return to Guesthouse Threebees, Cees will be waiting for you at his “Braai” to prepare delicious    African    braai specialities. Online Booking

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